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Dressing for Cycling Training: Do you really need to look like a Ballet Dancer?

First and foremost, to other cyclists, when you are in Padded Shorts and Cycling Jersey you are pure awesome (at least they will not laugh in your face when you look like you are getting ready to perform Swan Lake in Broadway). But why is it necessary to dress in tights and put some foams at your bottom?
Because with these clothes even the most extreme cycling situations are fun. Without them, it is endurance, not of your legs or stamina but of your bottom and heat resistance. Here are a few reasons to be in the best cycling gear in all major rides.

  • Be cool, literally. All cycling jerseys are designed to let the air pass over your body as you are riding. They are made with synthetic mesh which lets constant air through and keeps your body temperature down. It also is smooth and does not stick to your body as you sweat. But make sure to choose a very finely woven fabric. Their are cheaper synthetic fabrics available, but they tend to leave contact rashes at joints as they are a bit rough on the outside. The best jersey in my possession right now is the Full Sleeve Merida Jersey that you can see in the pic. By far the best jersey for summer cycling as it protects that hands from the heat as well.
  • Save yourself, especially the part that you sit on. Our bottoms take the biggest bashing in cycling. Saddles are made small and hard so that they are not creating any obstacle while pedaling or is not a reason for discomfort in long rides. (Unfortunately soft saddles tend to be a bit troublesome in long or fast paced rides). Padded shorts are the way to go. And when you are getting a padded short, make sure to get something that will last at least 5-10 years. The pads at the bottom are specially shaped and folded to protect you at the roughest of conditions. With padded shorts, I can assure you, your whole body may ache after a ride but not that part which used to hurt the most. (I have ridden without padded shorts for six months and then wised up and got two. Definitely talking from personal experience here). The Merida padded shorts are great for MTB riders and last that I know of, they are available in all sizes from Small to XL. The padded shorts from Lion Cycle ( are great for Road Bike owners but only available in XL sizes as far as I know. And another great option for training enthusiasts is getting full bib like the one from Tenn. They are great for long training. The Merida and Tenn branded items are available at CC (
  • Be cool and fast. With the proper gear, you can train harder, you don't have to worry about pains and heat so much, and soon you will start going a lot faster than you were used to. At the some time you will start enjoying the time on the saddle way more than you used to. Best of all, you will start to get looks of awe, amazement and, nowadays, respect as a serious cyclists
That's it for today. Hopefully will be back with something new soon.
Ride smart.
Happy Cycling.


Rafid Wahid said…
Very helpful writing for newbie :)

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